My Fall Favorites

by | Nov 15, 2018

It’s starting to feel like fall here in Dallas. It’s been in the low 50s the past few days and I’ve been miserable. I’m not a fall/winter person at all, but I love the vibe this time of year brings just not the weather. The only thing that gets me through the chilly season is all the fall traditions that Micah and I have incorporated in our family fall activities. Our fall traditions range from having a favorite fall drink to what show we binge watch on Netflix. Here are some of the things that get me through the chilly season:


The Steger Staple = English Tea

Tea over coffee all day, every day! I tried to like coffee but I just never really got into it. I always end up having more milk than coffee or I end up drinking the highly flavored coffee. But tea, tea is sooo good! My husband’s grandmother, Nana is from England. Growing up Micah was taught the proper way to make English tea. Now we call it “The Steger Staple” because it’s a tradition in our home. Around this time of year Micah and I start making it more frequently. We even start buying similar hot tea drinks from local coffee shops more often this time of year.

There’s a coffee shop in south Dallas called White Rhino that makes my favorite hot tea drink called the Tuk-Tuk (It’s hot tea + steamed milk + sweetener)  I have tried it with every tea they have but the Jasmine tea is my favorite! I do get it year-round if I’m in the mood for it, but once fall hits I get it EVERY SINGLE TIME I’m in the area. It’s sad, I need help. Even if you don’t like tea I feel like you would still enjoy it, it’s that good. At normal coffee shop, like Starbuck it’s normally called the London Fog, it’s typically made with Earl Grey tea but you can technically have it with any tea. It’s not as good as White Rhino but it’s not bad either. It’s definitely a must try during this season.

This is our FAVORITE English tea brand! Yorkshire Tea is the only brand we ever get! It’s so good!



Pumpkin Patch & Texas State Fair

This is a REALLY basic activity but it’s so much fun! Even when Micah and I first moved to Dallas and were financially conscious, we still made it a point to go every year. We always made it a priority and an investment to have fun, to make time for each other, and make memories with our family. That is priceless! We’ve been going to the Pumpkin Patch and the Texas State Fair ever since. We look back on the pictures from the first few years we went and reminisce on how life was and how different it is now. We can tell our kids (even though they don’t really care) what we did before we had them. It’s always been about the memories! Even if you don’t go to these places it’s always good to invest in fun memories.

This was just this past year, just a month a go. Our lives have only become more full since our trip to the fair in 2013!

This was in 2013, our second year going to the Texas State Fair!




Boyfriend Style Jean Jacket

I know this isn’t a fall tradition but it is a fall staple that I wanted to share! I have this one jean jacket that I wear way too often. It was actually my father-in-law’s jacket when he was in his 20’s. Micah brought it home one of the times we went to NC for Christmas. We’ve actually have been “fighting” over whose jacket it is ever since. I wear it more often but it is his dad’s jacket…I don’t know, I guess we share it now! Having a big, baggy, jean jacket is so in right now and it fits me perfectly. I wear it with everything. It’s definitely my go to jacket for the fall! What’s great about this style is you don’t have to go to pay $60+ for baggy jean jacket, you can go into your dad’s closet!

Jean jackets are so timeless! Loving wearing my Father-In-Law’s old jacket!

Just look at how CUTE my In-Laws are! And look how stylin’ they are too! Paul is actually wearing the jean jacket that I now wear ALL THE TIME!










Binge Watching

Micah and I are HUGE movie/tv show people. We love the art and the storytelling of film-making. If you are into that stuff you NEED to watch Daredevil on Netflix. We just sit there in awe, re-watching scenes, and sometimes we hit pause and sit there in silence so we can process everything. The storytelling is so good, the way they build the characters is so thought out, and the villain is one of my FAVORITE villains ever! Micah and I finished the new season in just a few days!

If you’re into storytelling, cinematography and action shows, this is the show to watch! Don’t mind the creepy show poster. It’s not a creepy show. Haha!

But if you would rather binge a funny, entertaining, pick-up-in-the-middle-of-the-season-and not-be-confused type of show, New Girl is the way to go! Jessica Day(the main character) is my spiritual animal! She is so goofy and doesn’t care and I wish I could be like her. All the characters are so fun. We normally put it on when we want background noise or if we watched a serious movie and want to laugh before we go to bed. It’s a fun spirited show, I don’t have to think to watch it.

Or if you are more into light hearted, funny shows, this is the perfect show to binge watch! Zooey Deschanel can do no wrong! Haha!

Those are two polar opposite shows that Micah and I LOVE that I know you guys will too. These definitely are the top two shows that Micah and I are watching right now in the fall season. Get a group of friends together, grab some popcorn and enjoy!


If you’re not a fall/winter person I hope this will help you at least enjoy the vibe of the season. I definitely try to make the best of it because the weather change is inevitable. Try to enjoy the season with friends and family, and I hope that you take these and incorporate them in your fall traditions. Do you have any fall traditions that help you get through the cold season? I would love to hear them! Comment down below or go over to my social media and connect with me there!