Our Beginning: Micah Edition

by | Nov 8, 2018

Due to popular demand, Micah will be taking over the blog today! I got such a good response from the last blog where I wrote about my first impressions of Micah that I thought, “Hey…. I wonder if Micah would write about his first impressions of me!” A few days later I asked Micah if he would consider writing for the blog, and he said yes! I don’t really know what he’s going to say, I feel like I should brace myself! When Micah read my post he was a little surprised, so I’m interested in seeing his perspective on when we met! Let’s not waste anymore time! Here is my man, Micah’s perspective of “Our Beginning”.



Here I was, a 17 year old kid, about to start my junior year of highschool, having no idea my life was about to change…

My youth group was going to a camp for the first time that was hosted at Liberty University in Lynchburg Virginia. Just two years prior to this (at the same camp but different location) I had placed my faith in Jesus, so I was very expectant to be back again and experience God in a similar way that transformed me last time.

Now, if you will note from Ivette’s experience, she didn’t notice me until we introduced ourselves at the Sonic on the second night of camp, but she caught me eye before then.

I was (still am) a soccer player, along with a few of the other guys in my youth group, so the first place we scouted out when we got to Liberty’s campus was the soccer field. There were a few other groups there playing so we started a pick up game. It was a well-matched scrimmage, the other youth group was good- but ours was winning. Then I saw her- a dark-haired, olive-skinned, Asian goddess (Yes, I definitely thought she was asian at first..) walking by the sideline. She looked too old to be a camper, so I assumed she was a camp intern. I thought she was probably 18 or 19, but I mean age is only a number.. I was in love. I could feel my soccer game immediately improving. I wanted to get her attention, but she didn’t seem to notice my Beckham like qualities, because she walked away… I thought all was lost.

As you already know, our youth group went to the Sonic after the service that night. And as we pulled up, there she was, the girl from the soccer field. God had aligned the stars and ordained a moment for our paths to intertwine again. I saw her sitting at a picnic table with some of the people from her youth group. I wasn’t going to let the moment slip between my fingers this time, so i began to strategize a way to talk to her. I had a friend who had no shame and would do just about anything that I asked, so I dared him to go over to “that random group’s table” and start talking to them. He didn’t know it at the time, but he was about to break the ice for me. After he established a point of contact, I slid in the spot next to him at the table and jumped right in the conversation. My plan was working.

As the night neared curfew, we realized that we need to get back to the dorms, so we caught a ride back. As we jumped in the back of someones pickup truck (still not sure who’s that was), I realized that I HAD FORGOT TO ASK FOR HER NUMBER. Here I was, finally talking to the girl of my dreams, and I felt like I let her slip in between my fingers. I told my friends that if I see her again that I HAD to ask for her number.

It was the last day of camp and we were gathering together in the main auditorium for the final session. I was looking around the room for her like I was trying to find Waldo. And then there she was, AGAIN. It was destiny. And this time I was not letting anything keep me from getting her number. So I mustered up all the strength I could and finally asked… 10 digits later, I had the key to a future relationship in my phone.

Later when I called my Mom (because I am secure in my manhood and value her opinion) she told me to wait 3 days before I should text Ivette. She said it would leave her wanting more of me. I was hesitant, thinking that I would lose her. But like a good son, I took her advice. And it totally worked.

3 LONGGG days later, I finally sent her a text, and the rest is history.



It really did work! I remember telling my friends “Why hasn’t this guy texted me? I took a risk to give my number out! The least he could do is text me!” Reading his side of things I’m a little thrown off… Asian goddess? I looked too old to be a camper!? What!? Haha! Well, there you have it, Micah’s version of our first few interactions! What a journey we have been on. It’s been a weird, surprising journey but it makes up our story.