How I found out I was Pregnant -Ella Edition-

by | Apr 25, 2019

Finding out you’re pregnant is a surreal moment. You go through a flood of different emotions- excitement, fear, shock even. The story of how I found out I was pregnant with Ella was not normal. No matter how out of the ordinary our story is, I LOVE IT!


Micah and I had been praying about when we should start trying to have kids. We felt like July 2014 was when we should start trying. August, September came and went and I still wasn’t pregnant. We weren’t nervous or discouraged until October rolled around. We felt God tell us to start trying in June and we still weren’t pregnant. What gives?


In October Micah’s mentor was in town and he met up with him and talk about the frustrations we were starting to feel. He said something that really brought freedom to us. He was telling him how he remembers the exact day that he and his wife got pregnant with their second child. Something traumatic happened that day and they just wanted to be together. He went on to explain that if they had gotten together on a different day at a different time they wouldn’t have had their son. They would have had a different child with them because the same sperm that his second son started off to be would not have been there. Their family would have looked very different. The point he was trying to make was God chose the perfect sperm to meet the perfect egg to make our child. God was just moving all of the other ones out of the way so that the perfect ones could meet and make our perfect baby that God intended us to have. We received so much freedom from that revelation. All the frustration we were feeling went away and we were enjoying the season we were in again.


A few days later our church was having a special guest bring the Word. Towards the end of the services, he started to flow in the prophetic. He gave words to a couple of different people then he came to Micah and I. He looked at us and asked if we were pregnant. We said no and he asked if we were trying. We looked at each other and said yes. He went on talking about how the relationship that we will have with this child will be generational. We will have such a good relationship with them and it will impact our grandkids and their kids. I bawled my eyes out!


We were in shock. We couldn’t believe it. Only 4 people knew we were trying so we knew that there might be some truth to what he said. We went on with our day going grocery shopping and going to the ATT store. On the way home, we thought… ah, let’s just get a few pregnancy tests and see if I’m pregnant. What do we have to lose!


We get home, I go in the bathroom take the test and stay in there for a few minutes waiting for the result. Micah was waiting outside when suddenly I yelled out to him. He freaks out runs in and I ask him if the second line was real or just a fade. He then tells me… it’s two lines. I WAS PREGNANT!


Just a few days earlier we were so worried and frustrated that we weren’t pregnant. We were questioning everything. Little did we know we were already pregnant! Time after time God was trying to reassure us that everything was under control. I hope our story brings you hope and encourages you. If you are trying to get pregnant or worried about your future, have faith. Enjoy the season you’re in. Everything will happen in His perfect timing.