by | Oct 17, 2019


Exodus 4:10-12 ESV

10 Then Moses said to the Lord, “O my Lord, I am not eloquent, neither before nor since You have spoken to Your servant; but I am slow of speech and slow of tongue.”

11 So the Lord said to him, “Who has made man’s mouth? Or who makes the mute, the deaf, the seeing, or the blind? Have not I, the Lord? 12 Now therefore, go, and I will be with your mouth and teach you what you shall say.”


In this passage, the God of the universe is talking to Moses and giving him a very important assignment. God knew his past and He knew the outcome of his future and still, He chose him. God saw something in Moses that he didn’t see in himself. But still, Moses gave excuses not to do it. 


In Moses’ mind, he was unqualified when in reality he was the most qualified person to get the people out of Egypt. He was a prince of Egypt. He grew up with their education, he knew their customs, their way of life. But at the same time, he was an Israelite. He knew both worlds. If anyone could go into Egypt and ask the Egyptians to free the slaves it would be Moses. He had the authority to speak to both people. Moses was probably the most qualified person for the job but he still gave excuses.


Moses had to be reminded who God was. It was like God was showing Moses his resume. He reminded him that He is our creator, that of course, He knew what Moses could and “couldn’t do”. We can be blinded by our doubt and fear and forget that God created us and set us up for success. He knows our strengths and weaknesses, so he won’t put us in a position where we will fail. God has never let anyone down and he’s not going to start with us!


The best part of going through something that you may feel unqualified for is knowing that God is with you. In verse 12 God tells Moses to GO and He will take care of the rest. Specifically, He says that He will take care of the areas Moses says he is lacking. How reassuring it is knowing that not only are we not alone but that God will help us in the areas where we think we are lacking. We can never fail if He is on our side.


In a world where we think we have to be perfect, fear and doubt set in and tell us we aren’t good enough, but God says we are. He gives us the strategy to move forward and to do it boldly. He is with us. He will not leave or forsake us(Deuteronomy 31:6). So trust Him, rely on Him to get you through anything in your life.



My Prayer For You

I pray you never feel like you are unqualified but instead specifically chosen for such a time as this. Wisdom and strength will flow naturally in your everyday actions and words. Fear and doubt need to leave right now in the name of Jesus! They do not belong here! I speak joy and boldness to replace it.