BIG Life Update

by | Nov 29, 2018

MICAH AND I ARE THE NEW YOUTH FOR THE NATIONS (YFN) DIRECTORS! We are so excited and soooo honored to take on this new role. But let’s backup a little, as some of you might already know yesterday we announced on social media that the current YFN Directors will be stepping down to go to Southern California to join a ministry called One Nation One Day in January. They will be passing the baton to us and we will become the NEW YFN Directors! You can check out our announcement video by clicking here!


Micah and I could not be more excited for the Estrada’s new adventure in California with One Nation One Day. They will be building up leaders and help bring new vision to the ministry. That is the Estrada’s DNA, so this new opportunity is so perfect for them.


When they first told us what was going on we were so excited for them and had no doubt that they were supposed to do this. But at the same time we were sad. They have been our Spiritual parents since February 2015, we have been doing life together ever since. They are so much more than our bosses and mentors, we really have become family. We have celebrated birthdays, holidays, wins, loses, and we even have been there welcoming babies into each other’s families! Our kids are best friends; but honestly they have become more like siblings than friends. The Estrada’s are family to us. It really is a bittersweet season but we are definitely more excited for them than we are sad.

We are one big family! I am so thankful for them! Also shout out to Josh and Isabela! They are the real deal!

We are soo excited for them! They will be missed greatly!








Not only are we are excited for them but we are also excited for this new adventure that we will be stepping into. We are so honored that Pastor Chris & Pastor Erica(and of course Christ For The Nations) have entrusted us to lead YFN. They could have chosen anyone else but the fact that they saw something in us is so humbling and we are so grateful.


Of course taking on a ministry like this comes with some nerves. Sometimes I do wonder if people will automatically disqualify us because we have only been Assistant Directors for 3 years or maybe because we will only be in our late 20’s when we take over. I keep reminding myself that God would not put us in this position to fail, He also wouldn’t give us something that we couldn’t handle. We are going to give YFN everything we have! We have prayed and casted so much vision for this summer already. I really believe this will be the best summer ever! The Estrada’s have set us up so well that we can only go up from here.

I’m still in awe that we have been entrusted to lead YFN! We do not take this lightly!

Now it’s our turn to carry on this amazing legacy. We couldn’t be more honored!


So there you have it, Micah and I are the new YFN Directors! It’s still a little hard to believe. I’m writing this on a Sunday so hopefully by Wednesday when it’s announced it will feel more real! It’s going to be a great summer, make sure you stay updated and follow Youth For The Nations on Instagram. You can also keep up with Micah and I on social media as we take on the position as the new YFN Directors. Here we go, bring on summer 2019!


***Wednesday night***

WOW! What a day! Micah and I have received so many encouraging words and celebratory texts, phone calls, and comments. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! They really mean so much to us! It has been a very emotional day that I’m still trying to process everything. And YES, it definitely feels real now! Haha!