About Me

Hey, I’m Ivette Steger and I am 26 years old. I live an amazing life in Dallas, TX with my husband of 7 years, Micah and my two kids, Ella Reign who’s four and Maddox Heir who’s two. Together we are the Steger Squad!

My husband is the Director of a youth camp called Youth For The Nations and together we pastor the interns that help run the camp with us. We love doing ministry together as a family. Our kids LOVE what we do, I mean, wouldn’t you love having a bunch of college-age students who would do anything to be your best friend? Haha! We believe ministry is not a call just for one person in the family but that ministry is done together as a family.

Recently I started my dream job of becoming a doula! I believe EVERYONE should have the best experience possible when it comes to labor and delivery. It’s such a scary and emotional time and sometimes it can overwhelm you. With the training I received through DONA, my goal and mission is to help laboring mothers and their partners feel confidence during the whole labor and delivery. I hope to do this through education, preparation and understanding. Bringing a baby into the world is a beautiful thing and I find it a complete honor to help be a part of that significant moment.

Follow along on my blog as I navigate through life of being a wife, a mother, a pastor, and a doula. I live a crazy life but it’s a full life! My goal with this blog is to help inspire and empower you, and for us to become best friends! I hope to inspire you through my mom fails, my cooking disasters, and even beauty and fashion mishaps. I’m not perfect and life can get crazy but we can learn from it and have fun doing so. I want to empower you by sharing with you how valuable and special you are in the eyes of God through my inspirational and devotional post. They are my truths, my revelations and encounters I’ve had with God. Through it all, I hope we can be friends. I believe no one should do life alone, we are meant to do life together so I hope that as I write and share, that you feel like you are not alone but have found a friend in me.

With Love, Ivette

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