Q & A: Ministry Life

by | Feb 21, 2019

By popular demand, today I’ll be talking about being a wife, mother and a woman in ministry. On Saturday I asked you guys to send in questions or thoughts/topics you wanted me to answer about ministry life. I got some really good feedback!


Most of the questions and topics I received had to do with balancing being a mom and a wife with being in ministry in a healthy, practical way. I get this question all the time. For us, Micah and I had to figure out what was important to us and prioritize those things accordingly.


For us, family is what’s most important. We do ministry as a family. We want to make sure our kids never feel like they are in the way but instead a part of the journey. Our kids come to meetings and go to the office all the time. When it’s time for Micah to leave town to minister we get our kids involved. We tell our kids that they are sending Dada out to preach the gospel so lost people can hear about Jesus. We drive Micah to the airport and we have the kids pray for him. We’ve noticed it gives them purpose and helps them understand that Daddy isn’t leave them but they are sending him. They get to be a part of what Daddy is doing. We tell the kids all the time, we can not do this without them.


We can’t pour into our team if we don’t pour into our family first. In the same way, we can’t pour into our family if we don’t pour into each other first. The main thing we do as a couple is to be intentional with the time we have together. It doesn’t matter if we only have one hour of alone time or if we had all day together, we always take advantage of the time we have. It sounds so simple, but it can make a big difference.


Someone asked who was in your life that helped you continue to be in ministry. My answer is by having my key people around me. Micah and I have only been in full-time ministry for 4 years. I don’t claim to be an expert on how to do ministry the right way. That’s why Micah and I have surrounded ourselves with key people to guide us, correct us, and encourage us. Our pastors and mentors, Pastor Chris and Pastor Erica, and our best friends John and Calee, have pulled greatness out of us, challenged us, and made sure that we never felt that we were in this alone.


Another question someone asked was if there was any hesitation from other leaders because of our age. When Micah and I transitioned into full-time ministry as YFN assistant directors we were only 22 and 23. Because of the kind of ministry that we are part of, we are surrounded by high caliber leaders. Thankfully we are surrounded with the right kind of leaders, who don’t let our age bother them. They look beyond our age and invest in us. We are better because of them.


Ministry life is one of my favorite things to talk about. There is so much more I can say about all these questions, but this blog would be a mile long. Haha! If you have other questions or would like me to go deeper on a topic, comment down below and I’ll be sure to reply back!