My Story: Maddox’s Birth

by | Oct 4, 2018

When Maddox “popped” out it took me a minute to actually hold him. All I kept thinking was “I did it! He’s here! I GAVE BIRTH IN THE CAR! HE’S HERE IN THE CAR!” Yep, Maddox was born in the back seat of our green 2004 Honda Pilot! But let me start from the beginning…


On February 25th around 7 in the morning I started feeling some pressure, not labor pain but pressure. The pressure wasn’t consistent, it didn’t last long and I wasn’t in pain or discomfort, but I texted my doula anyway just to let her know that I was feeling pressure. At this point I thought, “well just in case this does get consistent I want to get things ready.” I still had to get the hospital bags packed, get the bassinet out and cleaned, and get Ella ready for Anai (a close friend of ours who was going to be watching Ella for us). In between all of that I took a bath to try and stop the pressure I was feeling. I was talking to my mom on the phone and she kept telling me, “today is the day!” I told her that no, since she wasn’t in town yet Maddox couldn’t come early! His due date was the 26th and we were expecting him to be late like his sister (we hoped he would be born in March!).


Around 7pm that day I started to feel more pressure, and had to start breathing through it. At that point I realized that he might be coming…MIGHT. The pressure I was feeling still wasn’t painful and they were still really inconsistent. I honestly thought I had time. We planned for Anai to come over so I could show her where everything was whenever I did go into labor. When she came over she saw how I was handling the pressure and was oddly weirded out by how calm and happy I was throughout it.

My amazing friend Anai helping me get everything ready for Maddox’s arrival. This was just an hour and a half before my water broke!

I was actually in the middle of a contraction here. I was putting dishes away while Anai and Ella were playing dress up. Ella wanted to show me her Snow White dress she put on!












At 9pm we took our last picture as a family of 3 and put Ella to bed. At this point the pressure I was feeling got more “intense”. The pressure wasn’t painful and it was still really inconsistent but I kept having to go to the bathroom and the pressure started getting more intense to the point where I couldn’t talk or move through it. Micah decided to take a quick trip to Walmart to grab diapers for Ella just in case we did have to leave. Not even 30 minutes after he left my water broke! Anai was still with me -Thank GOD!- and once she realized my water broke, she called Micah, my doula, Pastor Erica, and texted my mom to let them know what happened. As soon as my water broke the pressure I was feeling became really REALLY intense and they were only 2 minutes apart and lasted a minute. At that moment I realized I was in labor, and not just normal labor but active labor!

Our last picture together as a family of 3! 30 minutes later my water broke!


Once Micah got home, we called my doula and loaded up the car. My doula followed us to the hospital which was a miracle since Micah was speeding so much! The hospital we planned on delivering at was 45 minutes away from where we live…we made it there in 20 min…you do the math! Haha! On the way there I began to feel my body go from active labor to transition- which in simple terms means that my body was making the shift from opening the cervix (where the baby comes out) to the beginning of the baby’s arrival. I could feel my body starting to push Maddox out and I started moaning (another way to tell when you are in transition). I could feel his head hitting my Depends (I slipped one on so I wouldn’t get the car dirty!) and I started yelling at Micah to drive faster! He called my midwife to let her know we were on our way and once she heard me moaning she tried to calm me down and suggested I start moaning in a higher pitch so help “slow down” the process, that hurt man, it hurt so bad!


Finally we pulled up to the ER doors and my midwife ran over to us. When she opened the car door and checked on me and she told me, “Ivette, he’s right here! You just need to push!” I didn’t even think twice about it, so I just pushed and he came out! IN. OUR. CAR! Poor Micah, he barely saw Maddox being born since the nurses kept asking him questions when we pulled up. They wheeled me in on a stretcher through the ER and all I said OVER and OVER again was “I did it! He’s here! I DID IT IN THE CAR! HE’S HERE IN THE CAR! We’re one of those people! OH MY GOSH! WE’RE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE!”

It was here, right in front of the ER doors where Micah parked the car and Maddox was born!

This was moments after he was born! I finally was inside the hospital!









It was a really different birth experience than what I had with Ella. With Maddox, I had no pain and my contractions were irregular, so that threw me off. I was also in denial and I ignored all the other signs that I was in labor. It happened so quickly I barely had time to tell my doula what was going on. Don’t do that to your doula! Always give them the play by play so you don’t end up giving birth in the car like I did! I love Maddox’s birth story, it really describes who Maddox is and what he is called to do!