My Blogging Secrets!

by | May 9, 2019

When I decided to start blogging, I knew had to figure out my style and a system that would work for my schedule. I knew I would stress myself out or not keep up with blogging unless I figured that out before I started. I’m going to tell you guys a few of my blogging secrets that you may or may not notice. Blogging is hard work but the system I made for myself makes it easier.


It’s not a secret, I have an editor! Going into the blogging world I KNEW I had to find an editor. English was one of my least favorite subjects in school. I knew I needed the extra help. I wanted my readers to understand what I was trying to say and make sure everything was grammatically correct. By having an editor I gain different perspective, advice, and correction.


Saying I have an editor sounds super fancy but in my case, it really isn’t. My editor is my friend Faith. She loves English and really enjoys the editing process. It was important to me that my editor wasn’t all business. I didn’t want to sound too formal but also didn’t want it to look like I don’t know what I was doing. That’s why asking Faith to be my editor was such a perfect fit. She already knew my heart and my personality. She helps me decide what to cut and what to keep, while still letting my personality show. Having an editor is what I knew I needed to help my blog go to the next level.


You may or may not have noticed how short my posts are. I don’t write more than a page and a half. There is actually reasoning behind that. It’s really simple… I HATE LONG BLOGS! Personally, I find it so draining seeing a super long Instagram caption or a blog that you have to keep scrolling down to read. I don’t have time to read a long Instagram caption or blog, I want to keep it moving. I want my blog to be a come-and-go informational, fun place. I want you to find the blog you need and be able to read it in 2 minutes or less.


Making my blogs short comes with changes. I want to fully explain myself on certain topics, or give more details on stories, but I ask myself, “are these details worth the long post?” If the answer is no, I take them out. I have to be creative with how I tell stories and how I explain myself. But for me, it’s worth keeping it short and making it convenient for my readers.


Since I am not naturally a writer I knew I needed to get organized and make a writing schedule throughout the week. It takes me a whole week to put a blog together. I do that so I can spread everything out, leave some wiggle room just in case and not feel so overwhelmed with everything else I have going on.


I start my blogging week on Monday. On Mondays, I write my blogs. On Tuesdays, I meet with Faith, my editor. Wednesday is my buffer day, just in case I get sick and didn’t have time to write or if Faith couldn’t meet with me. Thursday is launch day! I make the page on my website, make the blog graphic, post the blog, and advertise it. Friday is brainstorming day. I talk with people or do polls on Instagram to see what people want to read. I could do all of this in a day, but I leave room so I don’t stress myself out.


I’m sure looking back on my blog or my social media you can notice all of these things. I’m not shy about showing people what it takes to put this blog together. It’s a lot of work. But because I have found my style and a system that works for me I have so much fun doing it. Did you notice any of my blogging “secrets”? Which ones did you notice? Have you noticed any “secrets” that I haven’t mentioned?