Life Update: YFN Edition!

by | May 2, 2019

A BIG YFN update was just announced 2 weeks ago! We have new Assistant Directors! Our best friends John and Calee will be joining us here at YFN THIS MONTH! OUR BEST FRIENDS ARE MOVING BACK TO DALLAS! I could not be more excited to have them join us here!

  -YFN 2018-
Who knew that a year after this photo was taken they would be joining us as our assistant directors!



If you follow me on social you know who our best friends are and if you don’t follow me you should! Haha! We have been friends with John and Calee for almost 7 years now, but we have been long distance friends with them longer than we have been friends together. We met at Bible college and when John graduated they moved to Mississippi to be youth pastors. Since then we have been praying for the day to do ministry together. There have been opportunities but we never felt released to do it.


Fast forward to when we were asked to be the Directors of YFN. We had to think about who we wanted as the Assistant Directors. It was a no brainer – we wanted our best friends. But they were youth pastors at an AMAZING church with an AMAZING pastor and community. We knew they would be leaving something amazing so we didn’t want to ask from our selfish desires. We wanted to hear from God. We prayed about it and it felt right so we asked them if they wanted to join us at YFN. They took some time to pray about it. Now the rest is history, they felt God release them to come back to Dallas and help us run YFN!


This was 7 years of prayers coming into fruition. We didn’t hire them because they are our best friends, that’s just a plus. We hired them because we knew God wanted them to be our assistant directors. I know God orchestrated all of this. I know He had this in mind when Micah and I met John and Calee at the park on Labor Day back in 2012. There are just certain relationships that you feel are God ordained – those are covenant relationships. Our friendship with John and Calee is a covenant relationship.

They are the definitions of a true bromance! Haha!

My soul sista!










God will put certain people in your life that will help you fulfill the dreams He has for you. Marriage is a good example of a covenant relationship. From the beginning, Micah and I saw no end to our relationship. We knew that God put us together because we had the same passions. Our purposes were congruent. It wasn’t just a season, it was a lifelong commitment. We had a similar connection with John and Calee. We knew that God had brought us together for a purpose. They are our ride or dies. They build us up not tear us down. They challenge us to be and do better. They are life-giving not life sucking. They will call us out respectfully and not tear us down behind our backs. They genuinely care for us, our family and our ministry.


Micah and I can confidently say that we would not be where we are at if we did not have them in our lives. Having a friendship like this is so important to have. You’ll know you will always have a confident and you always know that they have your best interest at heart. Find people who are like that for your life. God never intended us to do life alone. He has put certain people in our lives to benefit us. Needless to say, I am SO EXCITED to have our best friends joining us. This summer is going to be like no other!

Take my God-son(John and Calee’s son) word for it, YFN NEW ERA IS GOING TO BE ON A DIFFERENT LEVEL!