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*Disclaimer* I have permission from my client to write about her birthing story. I also have permission to post these photos. I will not post anything without the client’s permission.

Yes, I am still a doula, and yes, I still love doing it! I took a break from blogging, but not from being a doula. In fact, during the break, two of my clients had their babies! Both births were so beautiful in their own special way! I know that phrase may sound really weird but I will explain what that means throughout this post. The first birth with the Sauce family was so special to me because they are really good friends of ours.


When I first started my doula business they were one of the first people to reach out to congratulate me and tell me that they wanted me to be their doula whenever they got pregnant. It was so exciting but I still encouraged them to interview other doulas and really think about what they are asking. Some people may not feel comfortable having a friend see EVERYTHING. That is the last thing I wanted to happen in the labor and delivery room. But not long after I started my business they got pregnant and asked me to be their doula! I made sure they were comfortable with everything that entails. It didn’t take long for them to reassure me that they really wanted me.


We had all the meetings throughout the pregnancy. She felt great the whole time, which made being her doula easy. When her due date was close I packed my doula bag, because I just had a feeling that their baby would come a little early.


We went to the zoo and I got a call from them saying contractions have started. I walked them through what to look out for and what to expect during early labor and told them to call me if they noticed a big change during labor or wanted me to come over. Throughout the day I texted them to see how they were doing. As soon as I was loading up the kids to leave the zoo they called me to say they were going to the hospital. Thankfully, I live 2 exits away from the zoo, so I was able to run home before I met them at the hospital.

Little did I know that a few hours this photo was taken in the parking lot of the Zoo that I would be called to go to the hospital.


I got to their labor and delivery room and Heather, the mom, was all smiles. It was such a happy room to be in. She was walking around, sitting on the exercise ball, and making conversation. The contractions were consistent and getting a little painful, but she was still really happy through it all.


She wasn’t as smiley when she started going into active labor, but she was so calm and so positive. She was so easy to work with and so willing to do anything that would ease the pain. At the beginning of active labor, she used the birthing ball a lot while Nathan, her husband, massaged her. But the position that helped the most was when she sat straight up with her legs in a butterfly position and we would pull her arms forward.

Heather’s husband Nathan was the best support person for her. He was willing to do whatever she needed.


What really helped her was having an awesome support team. Nathan was so hands-on. He knew what she would like and was so willing to try anything. He was all in! Her sister-in-law was also there. She was a big help with all the relaxing stuff, like rubbing her head, fanning her, and even doing her hair. Heather’s mom was also a BIG part of labor and delivery. Anytime her mom stepped in to help, Heather would instantly regroup and focus. It was so beautiful to see the interaction between the two during those moments. It really shows what it means to have solid people in your labor and delivery room.

Husband -Left, Sister-In-Law -Right
Heather really had such a great support group!

Heather was feeling exhausted at this point but when her mom stepped in it really encouraged her to keep pushing through.









When it came time to push, Heather ROCKED IT! It’s hard guys, especially when you do it naturally like my client did! She was so amazing! She didn’t have to push long. Her husband was right by her side encouraging her and in complete awe of her.


When their healthy baby came, I had to hold back tears. Micah and I have known the new parents for years now. We saw them when they reconnected and started dating. Micah and I were even a part of their wedding! Watching them work together during labor and delivery and now seeing them hold their first baby was a special moment.

The bros on the Sause’s wedding day!

We’ve have gone through a lot of stuff together, from weddings to babies! PS. I was 10ish weeks pregnant with Maddox here.










This is why I am a doula. To help couples create a beautiful labor and delivery experience. I love being able to give support, bring clarity and let the family have what should be a special moment of bringing a baby into the world.

Welcome baby Asher! You are so loved!

I love this family so much! So honored that they let me be apart of this big moment in their lives.










Congrats to the Sauce Family!